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Object ID 2006.39.2.123-151
Title Vreeland Papers
Catalog type Archive
Scope & Content Archivist's Note: These documents contain as exact transcriptions as possible. Misspellings, incorrect grammar, improper punctuation and terminology that might be deemed offensive today have all been retained as written. It is our intention to preserve the historical record, and therefore leave the original words unchanged. Where first names only appear, these most likely were slaves. In 1784 slaves comprised almost one fourth of Leonia's population. The area around Broad & Lakewood Avenues was the site of a slave burial ground.
For purposes of web page economy these are partial transcriptions.

One of six flat boxes and one document box.
Box 2 contains 4 folders. Folder 6:

123- That value received I promise to pay...unto Michael D. Vreeland
the just and full sum of 65 dollars..for my land (Feb. 19, 1829)

124- Mr R. Vreeland to Frederick De Vae for a spelling book for 12
sheets paper (June 20-July 11, 1820)

125- Richard Vreeland to Samuel Connover Sr. 3 days work at 6/per
day ...Samuel Lulum (Nov. 1820)

126- Know all men by these presents that Simeon
consideration of the sum of 14 dollars...sell unto Michael
Vreeland...2 cows (Jan. 12, 1821)

127- Received bills of Michael Jay- No 152 State Bank at Camden
Philadelphia No 3156 Bank Hartford (May 1, 1821)

128- $14 Michael D. Vreeland (July 3, 1821)

129- Richard Vreeland to John [?] making cushings, cut nails and
thread, 1 1/4 yard of cloth (Sept. 15, 1821)

130- Richard M. Vreeland received Mary Kipp fifth year legacies of
Nicholas Kipp 31 dollars 75 cents...(May 1, 1820-May 1, 1822)

131- Michael D. Vreeland Bond dated the 2nd of June 1820...(May 11,

132- Richard M. Vreeland bought of John Anderson 70 rails 52 posts
(May 15, 1822)

133- Michael Vreeland to H. Kipp medical servises $53 rec'd payment
in full (Aug.18, 1822)

134- Received of Mr R.M. Vreeland one dollar in full for six months
subscription to the Hackensack Newsman Robt. Spencer
(dec. 16, 1822)

135- For value received I promise to pay Michael D. Vreeland 75
dollars...(May 6, 1823)

136- Received of Mr. Vreeland the full amount due me for
advertisements (May 26, 1823)

137- Michael Vreeland to H. Kipp medical services rec'd payment in
full (Aug. 28, 1823)

138- Michael Vreeland 20 locks $50.. inspection $1 Freight $18
(Nov. 19, 1823)

139- Received from Richard M Freeland the sum of $1.00 in full for
for 2 quarters subscription to the Voice of Passaic...A. G. Surven
(Dec. 10, 1824)

140- Richard Vreeland bought of R.L V.E.A. Stevens 1 set of sleigh
shoes...Samuel Browning (Feb. 6, 1824)

141- English Neighborhood an account of notes rec'd from John
Dgroot James Fielding (Feb14, 1824)

142- English Neighborhood Mr Simeon Carlough to James Demarest
(Apr. 24, 1824)

143- Teaneck.. I have heard there is cattle in the woods...Peter G.
Westervelt (May 11, 1824)

144- Mr Vreeland will you be so kind as to let me have $10 to get the
lime and nails Henry Carlough (Sept. 18, 1824)

145- English Neighborhood Richard Vreeland to Samuel Connover
days work..mending plough (Nov. 13, 1824-June 20, 1825)

146- Received of Mr Richard M Freeland the sum of one dollar in full
Charles F[?] (Dec. 30, 1824)

147- Michael D. Freeland to F. Mabie wool..paid in full (Apr. 27, 1824)

148- (half page missing) half bushel bushel corn..two
bushels oats (May 26, 1825-Apr. 19, 1826)

149- Cap. Vreeland received payment John Engle 16 gallons of rum
(May 28, 1825)

150- Michael Vreeland to Wm DeWolff-"itemized list" 1/2 gallon oil..
red lead..white lead..1/2 gallon turpentine (June 17, 1825)

151- 14 yds furniture [?] 12 yds curtain stringe 4 yds diaper 1/4yds
(Aug.31, 1825)

Creator Vreeland Family
Collection Vreeland Papers
People Anderson, John
Browning, Samuel
Caelough, Henry
Carlough, Simeon
Connover, Samuel
De Groot, John
Demarest, James
De Vae, Frederick
De Wolff, Wm.
Engle, Hohn
Fielding, James
Jay, Michael
Kipp, H.
Kipp, Mary
Kipp, Nicholas
Ludlum, Samuel
Mabie, F.
Spencer, Robt.
Surven, A.G.
Stevens, R.L.V.E.A.
Vreeland, Michael
Vreeland, Richard
Westervelt, Peter
Subjects Vreeland Papers

Source Anne D. Vreeland
Admin/Biographical History The Vreeland Papers comprise 562 documents spanning the years 1705 to 1896. The bulk of the collection includes bills, receipts, deeds, wills, loans, indentures, promissory notes, list of students attending their school, lists of members of the local militia, letters, documents in Dutch.

The Vreeland Family, of Dutch ancestry, inhabited Leonia and the local area beginning in the 17th century. The documents offer a window into the activities of several generations of the Vreeland Family, their friends, their business associates, their buying and selling of slaves, and the school they operated. Their property extended over a vast expanse of land at one time stretching as far east as the Hudson River. The first mention of Leonia is in a document dated 1882.