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Object ID 2006.39.2.231-261
Title Vreeland Papers
Catalog type Archive
Scope & Content Archivist's Note: These documents contain as exact transcriptions as possible. Misspellings, incorrect grammar, improper punctuation and terminology that might be deemed offensive today have all been retained as written. It is our intention to preserve the historical record, and therefore leave the original words unchanged. Where first names only appear, these most likely were slaves. In 1784 slaves comprised almost one fourth of Leonia's population. The area around Broad & Lakewood Avenues was the site of a slave burial ground.
For purposes of web page economy these are partial transcriptions.

One of six flat boxes and one document box.
Box 2 contains 4 folders. Folder 9:

231- Mr Richard Vreeland to H.H. Banta Hard Brick...(list) Rec'd
payment Hackensack (Mar.1.1847-Aug 2, 1848)

232- Fort Lee Isaac Freeland to Theodore Ayers to making 1 Blk
Dress Arm & cuff of velvet...(Mar. 11, 1848)

233- Isaac D. Vreeland to Amos Bush 1 wagon pole 2 bows 1 spoke
1 wagon hinge (Mar. 19, 1848)

234- Hackensack Received of Isaac Vreeland the sum of ten Dollars
for paint and Labor Wm. Brinkerhoff (Apr. 21, 1848)

235- Isaac Vreeland Bot of H.H. Banta 200 Board 40 Plank 1600
shingles (Aug. 19, 1848)

236- Englishneighborhood of Mr. Isaac Vreeland the sum of one
Hundred & Forty Dollars...for Building a light leather top waggon
Wilhem Berry (Sept. 6, 1848)

237- Mr. R.M. Vreeland to John VanBrunt 8lbs Nails 1 Gal Molasses
1/2 Gall Rum 1 lb Tea 1 lb coffee 1 lb Pepper 8 Dishes sugar
Blue Paint (Feb.-Dec. 1848 to Jan.-Apr. 1849)

238- Isaac Vreeland to George Schor for making a fork handle
repairing a ring on a oxen yoke dressing 2 stone hammers
(Aug.-Dec. 1848 to Jan.-May 1849)

239- Richard M. Vreeland to Abm. Hopper For medical attendance
(Mar. 1849)

240- Rec of [?] Kipp and [?] Kipp the last will and testament of Richard
M. Vreeland (Apr.11, 1849)

241- New York 1 Barrel sugar Bought of Hoppock & Greenwood
Grocers (june 16, 1849)

242- Hackensack Mr Westervelt To Avehibate S. McFadden For one
set of Marble tomb Stones...cutting 165 letters (Aug. 15, 1849)

243- English Neighborhood Isac Vreeland to Richard Burniston 1 ring
12 lbs of gutter hooks fixing a dash board 1 pair hinges
(Oct. 19, 1849)

244- English Neighborhood Mr Freeland to R. Burreston 1 New set of
shoes 2 New Rivets 1 New hook 36 pound iron
(Oct. 16 to Jan. 20, 1850)

245- Isaac R. Vreeland To James J. Brinkerhoffr for worke John J.
Brinkerhoff 8 at 7 a Day = $7.00 John J. VanDer Baker 8 at 52 a
Day =$5.00 Daniel Conaver 3 3/4 Day..(Mar. 4, 1850)

246- Hackensack Mr. Isaac R. Vreeland to H.H. Banta Hemlock Board
shingles nails $35.55 (May 14, 1850)

247- We the undersigned promise to pay...for repairing a school
house on the premise of Mr Michael Vreeland Mr John Myers is
appointed to collect the money (May 6, 1851)

248- English Neighborhood ..came to worke Isaac Vreeland place 1 seeds..3 peck of peas..1 bar soap..1 pound
coffee.. (Apr. 11, 1855 to Jan. 2, 1860)

249- (letter & envelope from Middletown, Connecticut to Englewood,
N.J.) From R.M. Vreeland to his cousin Mrs. John Vreeland
(Nov. 24, 1864)

250- (printed label) LOUIS H. HILBORN Manufacturer of Harness and
Horse Clothing 115 Chamber Street Established 1867

251- (agreement ny Michael D. Vreeland to pay his father Derek
Vreeland $2,000) sealed and delivered in the presence of John
Demott Martin Demott (Sept. 5, 1871)

252- (letter) To the secretary of the Eagle Ble[?] I do hereby rest
respectively (envelope) Mr. Isaac Vreeland Leonia Bergen Co.
N.J. (Sept. 14, 1874)

253- (printed at top) J.M. Johnson & Co. Choice Groceries Wines,
Liquors..Dear Aunt..I send you box of goods most of things order
by uncle Isaac...from your affectionate nephew Munson
(June 19, 1880)

254- (business card) German American Insurance Company New
York EMIL OEBERMANN, President (Jan. 1, 1881)

255- (advertisement) SPRING DISPLAY ...Compliments of Lord &
Taylor Grand Street (Mar. 27-29, 1882)

256- (letter) To Isaac Vreeland From your Daughter in law Mrs. Anne
Vreeland 9MAR. 30, 1882)

257- (envelope) Mr. Isaac R. Vreeland Leonia Bergen County New
Jersey (Mar. 31, 1882)

258- (envelope) Mr. Isaac R. Vreeland Leonia Bergen Co. New Jersey
(Apr. 6, 1882)

259- (letter of condolence to a friend whose father died from Ellen J.
Ackerman) (Feb. 24, 1883)

260- (envelope) Mr. & Mrs. John Vreeland Leonia, N.J. (invitation) Mr.
& Mrs. F.G. Bennett at home to meet Lieut. & Mrs. C.A. Bennett
(Apr. 16, 1889)

261- Sorrento Lake leo Fla...dear old Friend ..write soon and tell me
all the news lovingly your old friend Ella & Russell (Jan.10,1896)

Creator Vreeland Family
Collection Vreeland Papers
People Ackerman, Ellen J.
Ayres, Theodore
Banta, H.H.
Bennett, Lt. C.A.
Bennett, F.G
Berry, Wilhelm
Brinkerhoff, James J.
Brinkerhoff, John J.
Brinkerhoff, Wilhelm
Burniston, Richard
Burreston, R.
Bush, Amos
Conaver, Daniel
Demott, Martin
Demott, John
Hilborn, Louis (manufacterer of harnesses)
Hopper, Abraham
Hoppock & Greenwood (grocers)
Johnson, J.M. & Co. (grocers)
McFadden, Avehibate
Myers, John
Obermann, Emil (German-American Insurance Co.)
Pauleson, R.R.
Schor, George
Van Brunt, John
Vreeland, Anne
Vreeland, Derek
Vreeland, Isaac
Vreeland, John
Vreeland, Michael
Vreeland, Richard
Subjects Vreeland Papers

Source Anne D. Vreeland
Admin/Biographical History The Vreeland Papers comprise 562 documents spanning the years 1705 to 1896. The bulk of the collection includes bills, receipts, deeds, wills, loans, indentures, promissory notes, list of students attending their school, lists of members of the local militia, letters, documents in Dutch.

The Vreeland Family, of Dutch ancestry, inhabited Leonia and the local area beginning in the 17th century. The documents offer a window into the activities of several generations of the Vreeland Family, their friends, their business associates, their buying and selling of slaves, and the school they operated. Their property extended over a vast expanse of land at one time stretching as far east as the Hudson River. The first mention of Leonia is in a document dated 1882.