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Object ID 2006.39.2.152-192
Title Vreeland Papers
Catalog type Archive
Scope & Content Archivist's Note: These documents contain as exact transcriptions as possible. Misspellings, incorrect grammar, improper punctuation and terminology that might be deemed offensive today have all been retained as written. It is our intention to preserve the historical record, and therefore leave the original words unchanged. Where first names only appear, these most likely were slaves. In 1784 slaves comprised almost one fourth of Leonia's population. The area around Broad & Lakewood Avenues was the site of a slave burial ground.
For purposes of web page economy these are partial transcriptions.

One of six flat boxes and one document box.
Box 2 contains 4 folders. Folder 7:

152- The amount of Mr Freeland wood...25 loads at 22/$68.75, 12
12 loads at 18 $27.00..freight $14.88 1/2..(1826)

153- New York Act of Derrick Vreeland Wood 23 loads of nut wood at
22/$63.25..(Jan. 4, 1826)

154- Michael Terhune to Tunis Cooper weaving 57 Ells of Dia[?] at
2 pounds 17 shillings. (Jan. 18, 1826) Note: an "ell" was a
former English unit of length equal to 45 inches.

155- Michael D. Vreeland to Jacob Naugh to shoeing 5 wood sleighs,
to mending 1 wood sleigh to filing 3 saws (1826-May 3,1827)

156- Michael Vreeland Medical services from June 1825 to April 1826
rec'd payment in full $46.25 H. Kipp

157- Mr. Samuel Connover to Abraham Westervelt to drawing Bond
Mortgage from Connover to Needland (May 10,1826)

158- Mikel Freland to Robert McCoubely one diner, 1 botell of wine, 12
glases...(July 4, 1826)

159- Michael Vreeland to Samuel Connover 1 days work at 8/per day
$1.00, plough $1.50, yoke per day .50 (Apr.,Aug., Nov., 1826)

160- New York boughht of Green & Wetmore dealers in hardware
and bar iron [printed receipt] (Feb. 24, 1827)

161- Michael Vreeland and Michael Day and other defendants decree
on the 1st bond for $7747.69 Int. on the 17th..(May 1827)

162- English Neighborhood The managers of the mountain lot to
Martin Demott to making fence (June 7, 1827)

163- New York Bot 1 [?] tar $2.00...(Dec.1, 1827)

164- Mr Richard Vreeland bot of Mr Green...rec'd payment

165- Paterson received of Mr Richard M Vreeland the sum of one
dollar for subscription to the Voice of Passaic up to No. 42
Thos. C. Metcalf (Nov. 18, 1828)

166- Michael Vreeland to Samuel Connover making oak yok...

167- New York Rec...Mr. John Demarest thirty two dollars 65 cents in
full W[?] Brooks (1829)

168- I do hereby certify that Richard M Vreeland has paid the sum of
$30 first installment on 10 shares stock of Hackensack & Fort
Lee Turnpike Rd (Sept. 7, 1829)

169- New York letter from Mr Terhune regarding the lot under the hill
belonging to Nicholas Westervelt (Dec. 5, 1829)

170- New York Mr. Vreeland..wood 10 1/2 loads on nutwood at
18/$23... freight $12-75 (Dec. 30, 1829) [Note: any of various
nut-bearing trees: walnut, hickory etc.]

171- Richard M. Vreeland, John Martineau agreement lease of ten
years (Jan. 8, 1830)

172- Michael Vreeland to medical services $8.25 rec'd payment
H. Kipp (Apr. 30, 1830)

173- Michael D. Vreeland to Jacob Naugle...mending a sleigh & foot
stove..fixing a spade handle...filing a saw (May 1, 1830)

174- I do hereby certify that Richard Vreeland has...the sum of two
dollars..for the 4th and 5th on ten shares subscribed by him to
the stock...DeGroot (Aug. 7, 1830)

175- [Itemized payments] from Michael Vreeland to Jacob Naugle
making sleighs, filing a saw, making a step ladder...(May 22,
1830-June 14, 1832)

176- Hackensack Mr Richard Vreeland Bot of D.V.J Anderson 26
plank $6.50, 5 [?] nails .37 rec'd pay (Apr. 23, 1831)

177- Mr Richard Vreeland five dollars and thirty three being in full for
his part of the cost of the [?] ...John Par[?] (May 2, 1831)

178- New Jersey Richard Vreeland the sum of six dollars in full up
to this date...(Sept. 26, 1831)

179- Rec'd from Jacob Naugle...six dollars in full for mason work at
the school house...Thomas [?] (Nov. 4, 1831)

180- R. Vreeland bot 18 boards $3.19, 9 [?] nails .75...Rec'd pay
D.J. Anderson (Nov. 4, 1831)

181- A list of scholars and the sums due from the Upper
School English Neighborhood (Jan. 20, 1832)

182- Due Miss Baily for 11 weeks tuition at 2 dol 69 cents per week
[list of 10 students which includes Eliz. Moore, Isaac & Mary
Vreeland (May 1, 1832)

183- Hackensack and Fort Lee Turnpike Company this certifies that
Richard the owner of ten shares of stock
(June 6, 1832)

184- Richard of the doctor's make use of the Alkahol
Campine...repeated dose in one hour if no releaf but take one
drop...(Aug. 10, 1832)

185- Mr Richard M. Vreeland to D. Demarest 1 bottle wine 1.50, 4
punch...(Jan. 9, 1834)

186- Hackensack Margaret Vreeland to C.B. Zabriskie (Aug. 26, 1834)

187- New York Richard M. Vreeland for subscription to the Weekly
Messenger & Young Men's Advocate..William Clement for
Burnett & Smith, Proprietors (Sept. 24, 1834)

188- Dear Sir We find two years interest due on you obligation....
from Martin Demott, executor of Michael Vreeland Enlish
Neighborhood (sent to) Samuel Connover New York
(May 16,1835)

189- Michael Vreeland to Wm. DeWolfe 7 white &.88, 2 green $.75,
1/2 blue &.47, oil & turpentine $.50, 1 days work $.88
(May 29, 1835)

190- English Neighborhood the first bill of market stuff was settled up
...I killed a four year old steer for beef and farley had half of it...
I.R. Vreeland & John B[?] (1836-1838)

191- Inventory of goods and chattels of the widow Margaret Vreeland
deceased taken by John Cole and James G. Brinkerhoff
(Apr. 14, 1837)

192- I.R. Vreeland to Henry Carlock (itemized payments, 2 sides of
this document) Harry Regan (Apr. 1, 1838)

Creator Vreeland Family
Collection Vreeland Papers
People Anderson, D.V.J.
Baily, Miss
Carlock, Henry
Cole, John
Connover, Samuel
Cooper, Tunis
Day, Michael
De Groot
Demott, Martin
Demarest, D.D.
Demarest, John
De Wolfe, Wm.
Kip. H.
Mc Coubley, Robert
Martineau, John
Metcalf, Thos. C.
Moore, Elizabeth
Naugle, Jacob
Regan, Harry
Terhune, Michael
Vreeland, Derrick
Vreeland, Isaac
Vreeland, Margaret
Vreeland, Mary
Vreeland, Michael
Vreeland, Richard
Westervelt, Abraham
Westervelt, Nicholas
Zabriskie, C.B.
Subjects Vreeland Papers

Source Anne D. Vreeland
Admin/Biographical History The Vreeland Papers comprise 562 documents spanning the years 1705 to 1896. The bulk of the collection includes bills, receipts, deeds, wills, loans, indentures, promissory notes, list of students attending their school, lists of members of the local militia, letters, documents in Dutch.

The Vreeland Family, of Dutch ancestry, inhabited Leonia and the local area beginning in the 17th century. The documents offer a window into the activities of several generations of the Vreeland Family, their friends, their business associates, their buying and selling of slaves, and the school they operated. Their property extended over a vast expanse of land at one time stretching as far east as the Hudson River. The first mention of Leonia is in a document dated 1882.