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Object ID 2006.39.1.89-122
Title Vreeland Papers
Catalog type Archive
Scope & Content Archivist's Note: These documents contain as exact transcriptions as possible. Misspellings, incorrect grammar, improper punctuation and terminology that might be deemed offensive today have all been retained as written. It is our intention to preserve the historical record, and therefore leave the original words unchanged. Where first names only appear, these most likely were slaves. In 1784 slaves comprised almost one fourth of Leonia's population. The area around Broad & Lakewood Avenues was the site of a slave burial ground.
For purposes of web page economy these are partial transcriptions.

One of six flat boxes and one document box.
Box 1 contains 5 folders. Folder 5:

89- 1st bond dated 11 May 1811 for $30...2nd bond dated 28 Nov
1811 for $43...3rd bond dated May 1813 for $175..(May 11, 1811
June 1, 1823)

90- Mr Vreeland Jan 23 a pair made for Polly Feb 22 a pair half sold
for the wench ...1 pound 2 shillings 6 pence (Jan. 23-Apr. 26,

91- R. Vreeland of D. Demarest 13 cut nails 11 1/2 14 shillings 5
pence...Rec'd payment David Demarest (June 3, 1812)

92- Received of Michel Freland the sum of 1 pound 14 and 6 pence
for [?] attendance in full by me as one of the executors of Doctor
Beekman Van Bueren...(June 6, 1812)

93- Michael Vreeland to Michael Moore a pair pacht for Dereks wife
..a pair half sold for Darick...a pair made for the wench..(July 10,

94- Mr Richard Vreelands account..Richard Vreeland to Peter Durie
13 days work at 7/0 day---$11.37... 15 1/2 days work at 6/6 day
$12.62...14 days work at 2/0 $3.50..(July 25, 1812)

95- Hackensack Mr Richer M. Vreland bot of M. De Wolff..1 gallon oil
6 white lead..a pitcher Rec'd in full (Sept. 1812)

96- Michel Vreeland to H. Kipp medical services tendered toward the
family..rec'd payment

97- Mr Jacobus Waldron bot of John Anderson 15 boards...2 pounds
nails Rec'd payment...D. Anderson for shaving shingles..(Oct. 10,

98- Of work dun for Michael Terhune at the barn of James Waldron..
William C. to 3 1/2 days work...Albert Berden 3 1/2 days work..
received this account in full William of John
Anderson 21 boards 6 pounds nails (Oct. 10, 1812)

99- Mr Michael Vreeland to J. Outwater medical services rendered to
his wife (Dec. 24, 1812)

100- Mr. Vreeland to Mr Moore a pair made for Frank...a pair made for
the old man...a pair made for your wife (Nov. 21, 1813)

101- Sir I send you enclosed amount of the money ...would you be so
good as to give it to Mr Terhune ...John Matenes (May 1813)

102- Mr R Vreeland to Jacob Blauvelt to making one for his
thread and buttons Rec'd pay in full of David Kipp (Aug. 15,1814)

103- Richard Vreeland to H.H. Banta...bill Rec'd...48 board 16-15
plank 102 board 16-12 nails...Rec'd payment (May 1815)

104- Know all men by these presents that I James G. Brinkerhoff of
Hackensack am bound unto Michael D. Vreeland the sum of
$500 (May 1, 1815)

105- Mr M. Vreeland to H. Kipp to medical visits Rec'd payment of 4
pounds (1815)
Archivist's Note: Henry Kipp was a medical practioner. Colonial
"practioners" practiced medicine, surgery and apothecary
together. On the eve of the Revolutionary War it has been
estimated that the colonies contained some 3,000 physicians,
however, only 400 had undergone some sort of training and
about half held medical degrees.

106- (printed form filled in by hand) Received ..from Derrick Vreeland
the sum of $54 and 58 cents for the direct tax of 1815 upon the
property of Derrick Vreeland in the township of Hackensack
(Nov. 15, 1815)

107- Richard M Vreeland received Mary Vreeland first year legacy
Nicholas Kipp David Kipp and Henry Kipp (May 1, 1816)

108- Mr Vreeland to D. Kipp to medical...rec'd payment twelve dollars
eighty seven and a half cents in full (May 6, 1816)

109- Mr Richard Vreeland Sir plese to deliver then chest brought
there ..they belong to my wench Susan...your friend Edward
Earl (June 7, 1816)

110- (printed form filled in by hand) Carriage Certificate No.428 yearly
rate of $4. This that Richard M. Vreeland ...has paid for one year
22 wheel carriage owned by R.V. Demott and harness..Joseph
Tatrein Collector of the Revenue for the first Collection District
(Jan. 13, 1817)

111- For value received I promise to pay unto Michael D. Vreeland
the sum of one dollar lawful money with lawful interest (May 17,

112- Mr Vreeland bot of A. Demarest..tweeds at 3 pounds 4 shillings
rec'd payment David Demarest (June 27, 1817)

113- Notice is hereby given to all men in the 3rd Company of the 2nd
Battalion of the 1st Regiment of the Bergen Brigade Militia
between the ages of 18 and 45 to meet at the house of John
Van Derbeek innkeeper at the Liberty Pole...Richard M.
Vreeland, Lieut. Comd. (April 1818)

114- Michael Vreeland to H. Kipp (for medical services) $16.62
rec'd payment in full

115- Mr Vreeland I come again to ask a kindness once more if you
please to lend me $5 ...Henry Carlough (Sept. 5, 1818)

116- Richard Vreland remaid in debt a pair for Michael made a pair for
your wench made one shoe for Nitchy a pair for your wife (Sept.
12, 1818)

117- English neighborhood received from Richard Vreeland for
mason work the sum of twenty seven dollars and fifty cents ..
Luke Westervelt (Nov. 4, 1818)

118- New York Mr Freland to Elizabeth Wilkeson 1 tablet ...5 lents of
rose wine..(Oct. 7, 1818)

119- Bot of P.H. Haight cotton shirting...fringe (Feb. 2,1819)

120- Michael Vreeland H. Kipp...medical services Rec'd payment
(May 4, 1819)

121- A return of Delinquents in the 3rd Company of the 2nd Battalion
of the 1st Regiment of the Bergen Brigade Militia (list of 27
names) (June 28, 1819)

122- Michael Vreeland to Henry Banta..226 white lead..6 1/2 gals of
oil...6 1/2 days work..6 1/2 of red lead..(Oct. 6, 1819)

Creator Vreeland Family
Collection Vreeland Papers
People Acker, Henry
Anderson, D.
Anderson, John
Banta, H.H.
Becker, John Jr. .
Bennet, Asa
Benson, John R.
Berdon, Albert
Blauvelt, Jacob J.
Brinkerhoff, Nicholas
Carlough, Abraham
Carlough, Henry
Christie, William
Church, Henry
Danals, Oliver
Demarest, Abraham
Demarest, John
Demarest, Peter
Demott, Jacob
DeWolff, M.
Durie, Peter
Earl, E.
Haight, P.H.
King, Benjamin
Kipp, David
Kipp, Henry
Kipp, Nicholas
Lydecker, John
Matenas, John
Moore, Michael
Myer, John
Norman, Frederick
Norman, William
Outwater, John
Quadore, James
Quadore, Richard
Tatrein, Joseph
Teersall, Jarves
Terhune, Albert
Terhune, Michael
Van Derbeek, John
Vreeland, Derrick
Vreeland, Mary
Vreeland, Michael
Vreeland, Richard
Waldron, Jacobus
Waldron, James
Westervelt, Dower
Westervelt, Garret
Westervelt, Luke
Westervelt, Peter
Wilkenson, Elizabeth
Subjects Vreeland Papers

Source Anne D. Vreeland
Admin/Biographical History The Vreeland Papers comprise 562 documents spanning the years 1705 to 1896. The bulk of the collection includes bills, receipts, deeds, wills, loans, indentures, promissory notes, list of students attending their school, lists of members of the local militia, letters, documents in Dutch.

The Vreeland Family, of Dutch ancestry, inhabited Leonia and the local area beginning in the 17th century. The documents offer a window into the activities of several generations of the Vreeland Family, their friends, their business associates, their buying and selling of slaves, and the school they operated. Their property extended over a vast expanse of land at one time stretching as far east as the Hudson River. The first mention of Leonia is in a document dated 1882.