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Object ID 2006.39.2.193-230
Title Vreeland Papers
Catalog type Archive
Scope & Content Archivist's Note: These documents contain as exact transcriptions as possible. Misspellings, incorrect grammar, improper punctuation and terminology that might be deemed offensive today have all been retained as written. It is our intention to preserve the historical record, and therefore leave the original words unchanged. Where first names only appear, these most likely were slaves. In 1784 slaves comprised almost one fourth of Leonia's population. The area around Broad & Lakewood Avenues was the site of a slave burial ground.
For purposes of web page economy these are partial transcriptions.

One of six flat boxes and one document box.
Box 2 contains 4 folders. Folder 8:

193- Last Will and Testament Michael Vreeland (Sept. 22, 1840)

194- Hackensack Received From Isaac Vreeland 12 Dollars..Barney
Cole (Nov. 7, 1841)

195- New York- bought of Seaman Lowerre 2 latches, screws...Rec'd
payment E. Myers (Sept. 21, 1844)

196- Richard M. Vreeland to Peter Buckler for wagon work...plow wheel...$28.62 (Oct. 8, 1842)

197- Richard M. Vreeland to Robert Annett to account on book
$8.16 (May 26, 1843)

198- Richard M. Vreeland bot of D. Kipp one Scythe @ 7/ one hay
fork@ 4/6- 2 rifles...sugar, candles... (July 11 & Oct. 6, 1843)

199- R. Annett bought of H. Vreeland & Co. dealers in cotton seine &
net twine (used in fishing) (Feb. 29, 1844)

200- R. Vreeland bought of Daniel Clawson one plough, castings
$3.89 rec'd payment by D.L. Clawson, W. Atterbury (May 9, 1844)

201- New York Bought of Wetmore & Co. Importers in hardware and
bar iron 4 bars 24/$4 (May 28, 1844)

202- New York Richard Vreeland Bought of James Curr, Saddler &
Harness Maker...Fly net (June 19, 1844)

203- R. M. Vreeland Bought of Archer & Carpenter (lumber yard) 200
Bds.(boards) 18 feet gutter (June 19, 1844)

204- New Yok Mr. R. Vreeland Bought of Wetmore & Co. Dealers in
Hardware, Bar Iron and Steel 4 cuff trims, lashcord, 16 pairs
plate hinges...(June 19, 1844)

205- New York Mr. Richard Vreeland Bought of Bootman & Smith 2
Box 7X9 pine $4.00..30 putty $1.50 Rec'd payment Edward
Philips (June 19, 1844)

206- Hackensack Mr. Richard Vreeland Bot of H.H. Banta 5000 hand
brick @ $5.75 1300 shingles @ $25..(June 28, 1844)

207- Mr. Freleigh Bought of Nelson & Brown, Dealers in..lime,cement,
fire brick..12 casks lime $10.50..Rec payment Charles Brown
(June 18, 1844)

208- R. Vreeland (scrap) (Aug. 8, 1844)

209- Mr Richard M. Vreeland to John VanBrunt..50 lbs Lead 5 Gal oil
1 Gall Molasses 8 lbs Nails 1 pl Brandy (Aug 6-Nov 22,1844)

210-Agreement between Richard Vreland and John McCullim..To dig
a well for Richard Vreland (Sept. 11, 1844)

211- R. Vreeland (scrap) (Sept. 18, 1844)

212- New York Mr Richard M Vreeland Bot of Hanens [?] & Co. 346 ft
timber @ 12/$5.19 (Sept. 21, 1844)

213- Eng. Nhd. Mr Richard M. Vreeland please pay to John VanBrunt
on order Five Dollars and change the same to my account
John McCullin (Oct. 8, 1844)

214- Miss Polly Vreeland will please pay Jacob Demarest Seven
Dollars John McCulkin (Nove. 20, 1844)

215- Mr Richard Vreeland Jr. to B. Morse Aug. 8 to Nov 20 work at
painting $25.00 Rec'd payent in full (Nov. 25, 1844)

216- Rec'd Fort Lee NJ of R.M. Vreeland from the hands of Mr
Vreeland one 44/100 Dollars in full For Sun newspaper Evan
Lumley (Nov. 28, 1844)

217- on account for Digging a well $20..Five Dollars to John Van
Brunt Seven Dollars to Jacob Demarest...John McCulkin
(Dec. 20, 1844)

218- Englishneighbourhood of Mr Richard M Vreeland ten Dollars
in full for Digging a well John McCulkin (Dec. 31, 1844)

219- Hackensack R. M. Vreeland visit & vaccination, camphor & oil
& mixture & powder, visit & bleeding...Wm. Howtie (Aug.15,1845)

220- Fort Lee New Jersey Robert Arnett to Richard Vreeland $36 25
cts for 7 1/4 cords of wood (Mar. 5, 1845)

221- M. Freeland to James Cleveland to light pleasure sleigh $55 by
cash (1846)

222- Mr Richard M Vreeland Bot of John Van Brunt 50 lbs W. Lead,
2 Galls oil, 2 tapers Lamp Black, 1 lb Putty Daniel Westervelt
(July 21-Aug. 17, 1846)

223- Richard Vreeland to George Schor...making 1 new fork..repairing
chair..repairing wagon (May-Dec. 1846) (Jan.-Mar. 1847)

224- Richard Vreeland to Abm. Hopper to medical attendance and
medicine in family..Received payment (Sept17,1846-May 1,1847)

225- Richard M. Vreeland to Tunis Cooper weaving 43 ells of woolen
weaving 22 ells of linen 3 lb cotton (Mar. 18, 1847)

226- David Moore Richard Vreeland Repairing 2 poles 1 hoop &
handle (Apr. 1, 1847)

227- English Neighborhood Recivd of [?] the sum 26 Dollars in full of
all demand up to this date...Bornhull? (July 8, 1847)

228- (scrap, date only) September 18, 1847

229- Richard Vreeland to Amos Bush (list of wagon supplies)
(Feb. 9, 1847)

230- Isaac Vreeland to George Schor received payment for making 2
new shoes..2 new slats on a cradle..mending 2 old shoes..
fork handle (long list) (July 16-Nov. 18, 1847)

Creator Vreeland Family
Collection Vreeland Papers
People Annett, Robert
Archer & Carpenter (lumber)
Attebury, W.
Banta, H.H.
Bootman & Smith (lumber)
Brown, Charles (Nelson & Brown, brick & cement) Bornhull
Buckler, Peter
Bush, Amos
Clawson, Daniel (agricultural warehouse)
Cleveland, James
Cole, Barney
Cooper, Tunis
Curr, James (saddler & harness)
Demarest, Jacob
Freleigh Hanens & C0.
Hopper, Abraham
Howite, William
Kipp, D.
Lowerre, Seaman
Lumley, Evan
McCulkin, John
Moore, David
Morse, B.
Myers, E.
Nelson, Richard (Nelson & Brown, brick & cement)
Philips, Edward
Schor, George
Seaman Lowerre (hardware,cuttlery,edgeware)
Vreeland, H. & Co. (cotton seine & gill net twine)
Vreeland, Isaac
Vreeland, Michael
Vreeland, Polly
Vreeland, Richard
Westervelt, Daniel
Wetmore & Company (bar iron & steel)
Subjects Vreeland Papers

Source Anne D. Vreeland
Admin/Biographical History The Vreeland Papers comprise 562 documents spanning the years 1705 to 1896. The bulk of the collection includes bills, receipts, deeds, wills, loans, indentures, promissory notes, list of students attending their school, lists of members of the local militia, letters, documents in Dutch.

The Vreeland Family, of Dutch ancestry, inhabited Leonia and the local area beginning in the 17th century. The documents offer a window into the activities of several generations of the Vreeland Family, their friends, their business associates, their buying and selling of slaves, and the school they operated. Their property extended over a vast expanse of land at one time stretching as far east as the Hudson River. The first mention of Leonia is in a document dated 1882.